Matthew Broderick broke The Music Man.

I was reading Lefty’s recent blog post and was reminded (by way of a certain scene) of being pissed off by Broderick’s s/egg/globe/ in the 2003 production of The Music Man. I was going to put the following in the comments, but I decided not to in order to keep the conversation on topic :)

The Kids in the Pit

Which reminds me of a tangential blather. Did any of you see the recent re-make of Music Man with Matthew Broderick? Do you recall how he changed the script to refer to Columbus and the *globe* instead of Columbus and the *egg*?

That really irritated me. You can’t see it in the above picture, but while I was in the pit and waiting for our cues, I was coincidently reading Larry Wall’s Camel book. I was so confused about Harold Hill’s reference to “Columbus’ conception of the egg” until I read the following:


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2 Responses to Matthew Broderick broke The Music Man.

  1. Lefty says:

    There is one True Music Man, and Robert Preston is its conductor.

    (I have a good recipe for conductor: it starts out, “First remove the horns and tail…”)

  2. @Lefty: Hmmm… That sounds like our conductor. I’m trying to get him to come defend his honor:

    Here’s most of the n’ere-do-wells involved in the pit part:

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