Twitter Updates for 2009-07-23

  • @rjbs: not with /perl/ I hope! #
  • I was gonna nominate Schestowitz as Fauxpen Source contributor of the year but he recently mentioned svn. Does he still qualify? #
  • @directhex: welcome to the fail whale. #
  • @jredville: OMG! I'm being followed by another MS Shill! #
  • r @jredville: you and @directhex, @migueldeicaza, @stonemirror, @armchairdude, @bgoldy, @diakopter, and all of M$! SHILLS! #
  • @Skud: I've been using your bingo card: #
  • r @jredville: YOUR MISSING TEH POINT! #
  • RT @stonemirror: Beware of "Faux FLOSS Fundamentalists!" Say "No" to "Freedom the Way We Tell You To!" in reply to stonemirror #
  • @stonemirror: meh, I like him. Peculiarities and all! :) in reply to stonemirror #
  • @luzcummings: uh oh. What did I do? I thought you liked following *real* people with *real* tweets. Have I passed the Turing Test? #
  • @stonemirror: Is Jeffery Stedman anything like Richard Stalfast? #
  • @BrianHartman: ACK in reply to BrianHartman #
  • Hurm… load is getting pretty high on the web server… let's see if I can fix some of it with caching… #

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