Tao 2.0 in the wild

Congrats to David, Vlad, Randy and the rest of the Tao folks!

David has recently contributed a number of patches that provide an autotools build environment for Tao. Not only that, but it now builds on mingw (or so rumor has it).

This greatly increases the Tao library’s accessibility, and I predict that it will begin to see a lot more developers taking advantage of it.

For those of you who are not aware, Tao provides C# bindings to many multi-media APIs such as:

  • OpenGL, a standard 3d graphic API, supported in hardware by the most prominent 3d graphics cards today
  • SDL, Sam Lantinga’s cross-platform multimedia API
  • OpenAL, a standard audio API similar in spirit to OpenGL
  • ODE, the Open Dynamics Engine, a simulated physics engine API
  • And many more
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