Importing darcs into a git branch

Maybe this will make it more google-able…

Looks like you can export your darcs repo with darcs-fast-export and then import it with git-fast-import

18:15 < wakko666> I have kind of an odd question that google doesn't seem to 
                  know. I'm converting a darcs repo to a git repo. i've already 
                  got the tool to export the darcs side.   however, i'd like to 
                  import the commits into a branch of an existing repository.  
                  is this possible?
18:16 < cj> make a remote tracking branch referencing the exported darcs repo?
18:17 < wakko666> cj: thanks for the clue. i'll try it.
18:28 < cj> git remote add darcsthing git://moo/darcsthing.git ; git checkout 
            -b darcsthing darcsthing/master
18:28 < cj> oh, there should probably be a git fetch darcsthing in there 
18:31 < wakko666> cj: yup, that works. thanks for the help. :)
18:31 < cj> yay.  glad I could help.


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