Monocast 1.0

So, Rev_Fry and I got together last night and did a couple of takes for the first Monocast. Rev and I will be attending the upcoming Mono Summit in MA on the 23rd and 24th. We figured that we should do a first show before we showed up so we can claim some listeners.

The show is in post-prod currently and should be available for the world within the next week or so. We’ll try to get together next Monday evening and do a second show. I’ll try to remember to have a better mic with me that time.

On the show, we covered current events on Monologue including:

  • Mono’s recent forray into games
  • my GTK# OpenGL widget, GtkGLAreaSharp
  • Mono.Fuse, the Mono API for Linux’s userspace Filesystem building tools
  • Eric’s vector graphic manipulation library, SavageSVG
  • The next big audio reading application. It’s taking the world by storm. It’s Aaron Bockover’s Banshee!!!!!!!
  • Mr. Snorptaculous’ DAAP audio streaming thingy, Tangerine
  • and, my favorite IDE evar, MonoDevelop

You should really listen to it when it’s released :)

[Edited 10/16/2006]
It’s been released :)

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4 Responses to Monocast 1.0

  1. Rob Loach says:

    If you want to do any Tao coverage, I know that Terry, Dave and I would most definately love to help you out.

  2. Rob Loach says:

    Have you tried Skype as an alternative to Gizmo?

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  4. RevFry says:

    MonoCast 1.0 is actually up now. In three fabulously shiny formats (mp3, AAC, and ogg)

    Go have a listen and leave comments on the forums.

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