GSoC 2010

Earlier this month, I applied to the Mono Project (and the University of Washington, and Ubuntu, and Debian, and The Perl Foundation) requesting a mentor to get Perl6 hosted on the DLR.

Last Tuesday, Miguel contacted me and asked that I chat with Michael Hutchinson about possibly taking up a different project. It seems that the group did not have any mentors who felt comfortable mentoring the Perl6 project. After a bit of consideration, I agreed to modify my application and take up a project to revive the regular expression compiler from 2.2.

Today, the project was officially accepted, and I met with my mentor for the first time (hi Rodrigo!).

I will also be working with Matthew Wilson (aka @diakopter), since he has purportedly implemented a number of regex-to-IL compilers ;) He also offered to mentor me if The Perl Foundation had accepted my application, and since he has already implemented a perl6 compiler in javascript, I have been looking forward to poking some code with him.

Although the GSoC doesn’t officially get started until 5/24, I’m making a git-svn checkout now. I’ve always committed the code directly to svn, but I’ve enjoyed working with git, and it seems about time to start contributing via git-svn. It will be easier to have local branches this way, too.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to it ;)

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  1. Laurent Debacker says:


    Are you going to use automata theories? I ask, because, if there is one area where Perl is bad, it is for regexes! See: (take attention to the different time scales in the graphs in there).


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