The great hair pruning of ‘010


snippy snippy

I almost kept this look


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4 Responses to The great hair pruning of ‘010

  1. Caroline says:

    Great pictures! How many years of growth was that? Were you able to donate your locks?

    Meant to tell you before — *great* tag-line for your blog — if only the folks who try to slam timelines down my throat would
    ascribe to this logic!! :)

    Caroline (Hannah’s cousin)

    • Hi Caroline!

      About 3 years. I cut it right after Zelda was born and haven’t really trimmed it since then. I’ve got 3 others that look similar to this tail.

      I intend to donate them all at once one of these days… ;)



  2. Kate says:

    Your head is all rumpley and bumpley!

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