Monocast 1.0

Sorry for the delay in this production. It was mostly my fault. We just about had it one night, but then I forgot my headset at work. I’m such a dork.

So. With no further ado, RevFry’s MonoCast


MonoCast AAC

MonoCast MP3

MonoCast OGG

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5 Responses to Monocast 1.0

  1. viraptor says:

    Very nice… But please – turn the slow robot voice off… or it will be my favourite bedtime podcast ;)

  2. RevFry says:

    Ahhh and here I thought MonoCast meant MonoTone. Okay. I’ll work on that. =)

  3. RevFry says:

    CJ, want to be my developer intervew for this next show?

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